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Welcome to SW1 Plastic Surgery Clinic

We understand how the form and function of one’s facial profile and figure can have a profound effect on their confidence and goals.
The SW1 Promise
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Modern, Exclusive & Centrally-Located Premises


MOH-Accredited, In-House Operating Theatres


Experienced Male and Female Plastic Surgeons


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Our Specialised Services

Breast Augmentation


We believe that beautiful is always more important than bigger.
Whether you wish to alter the size of your breasts or give them a lift, we endeavour to do so with harmony and discretion in mind. This can be achieved through the use of implants or excess fat taken from another part of the body.

We are honoured to be one of the very few Motiva Joy partners in Asia.


Sometimes, there is only so much exercise and dieting can do, leaving stubborn residual fat behind.
With the acclaimed VASER Liposuction, we can gently remove targeted fat for a slimmer and more defined figure. The removed fat can also be processed and transferred to the breast if so desired.
We approach our patients with utmost care and competency so as to achieve safe and beautiful results within a comfortable and trusted setting.
Eyelid Surgery


The eyes are the focal point of one’s face, so their radiance can go a long way.
Whether it is to create double eyelids, reduce eye bags and tear troughs, or lift droopy lids, we seamlessly do so to boost the allure of your eyes.


The Asian nose is unique, and our Hybrid™ Rhinoplasty is specially designed for this purpose.
Let us help you create a higher nose bridge, a defined nose tip and slimmer nostrils that complements your existing facial profile.


From underdeveloped ears to protruding ears and more, ear deformities are common but can be corrected.
We are committed to helping patients young and old achieve natural-looking ears through a variety of surgical and non-surgical means.
With our attentive approach, experienced staff, diverse areas of expertise and all-in-one facilities, we are sure that you will be well taken care of. We warmly welcome you to our clinic for a personalised consultation.

Our Established Plastic Surgeons

Dr Tan Ying Chien - Plastic Surgeon
MBBS (S'pore), MMed (Surgery), MRCS (Edinburgh)
FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
Dr Tan has practiced across Singapore, Taiwan and Japan, building up a solid reputation particularly in the fields of cleft, jaw, ear and aesthetic surgery.
Dr Chia Hui Ling - Plastic Surgeon
MBBS (UK), MMed (Surgery), MRCS (England)
FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
Dr Chia’s diverse experience spans across the United Kingdom, Singapore and South Korea. She has also received numerous industry awards – a testament to her skill.
Dr Tan Ying Chien - Plastic Surgeon
MBBS (UK), MMed (Surgery), MRCS (Edinburgh)
FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
Dr Lee Hanjing is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon. After graduating from the Guys Kings and St. Thomas School of Medicine in the University of London, she completed her postgraduate training at the National University Hospital(NUH).
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